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Mr. Olympia Update

By Gunter | October 16, 2010

Hi Everyone,

You all have the update about the MR.O , I am pretty sure most of you do. For me personally was it motivation. Being 4-5 hours at the booth at the MR.O EXPO was just fun. Seeing all the Fans enjoying the EXPO and meet the Athletes was just great to see. I want to thank all my fans for your support and coming by the booth. You all inspire me so much!

We also introduced at our SAN booth the new liquid formula of our product launch. Everybody needs to try this it just taste great and like I said ones earlier you be surprised how great this product is. If you need energy and focus you must try this. The feedback at the booth was outstanding and that’s how we like it.

My training is going well and my body seems to get the quality back that it use to have. There is still a long way to go where I want to be though. After 4 years now I did my first guest appearance and I have to say I still got it. The audience was crazy!

I‘ll be back,


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One Response to “Mr. Olympia Update”

  1. Michael K Says:
    October 23rd, 2010 at 10:02 pm

    Glad to hear that you’re back in the hunt. You were too close to the Sandow to stop. Regardless of what people say, physiques really haven’t progressed since your last competition.

    I’m sure you saw what I mean at the last Olympia. If you had stepped on that stage in your 2002 or 2005 condition, you would have done some real damage. A conditioned, tactically placed extra 10lbs of muscle on your frame might just have you fighting for the top spot.

    Looking forward to seeing you shock the world in your return competition.

    Good luck!