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December News

By Gunter | December 28, 2010

Hi Everyone,

It was a crazy month. First going to Costa Rica to the Awesomenessfest. It was really awesome. I had a hard time getting good workouts and had to improvise with lighter dumbbells and simple equipment. When I run into that problem I do a lot of super sets, high reps and go back and forth between two muscle groups just to keep the intensity high. At the end it comes always down to break Muscle tissue down. Its not always depending on how much weight you use, that is always only in our heads. Actually I found that it is quite good for your body to have a change in your workouts for a week or so. And it definitely helps to maintain your shape if not it even improves your shape.

Costa Rica was amazing. The people were so nice, now I know why they say in Costa Rica live the happiest people in the world. The event in Costa Rica was totally a networking event and my wife Kim and I met so many awesome people to network and maybe have even future business opportunities with.

After coming back from Costa Rica I was one day home and than off to Sweden for a Fitness Festival. At the expo there was a Bodybuilding and a Strongman competition.

I signed a lot of autographed pictures and took a lot of pictures. This show definitely has a lot of potential for the future.

For my trips I brought some of  my San supplements:1) I needed Launch to get me going doing these trips,

2)Whey Isolate and Myotein protein 3)Lipidex oils and of course 4)Glutamine for my immune system.

All my best,


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One Response to “December News”

  1. EP Says:
    January 5th, 2011 at 6:14 pm


    Great to hear that you are still training heavy, and maybe competing again.

    Any plans about the contest? Maybe Arnold’s?

    If you have recent photos available, put them to your site!!! Would be great to see them.

    Also, It was great to hear that you (and your wife)had a son last year. Congratulations!

    Always a fan,


    Thanks for your reply to my letter about 10 years ago!