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A Very Happy June

By Gunter | July 25, 2010

Hi Everybody,

June was a crazy month. I experienced a miracle, the birth of my Son Jake Alexander Schlierkamp.  He was born June 3rd, he was 3 weeks early. I felt I wasn’t ready, but believe me you never ready. He was 6pounds and 11ounces and 19 ½ inches tall.

The hole day and night was like a dream, but it wasn’t. When I held him the first time

and he opened his eyes it was the most valuable experience I ever had in my live.

My son was born 3:30 in the morning I knew it would be an all niter so I brought

Protein powder, shaker and fruits with me, got to eat!

I brought the Bioactive Myotein, it has quick and time released proteins. It also has hormone modulating EFA’s  and digestive enzymes. Myotein is also high in fiber to

maintain stable blood sugar levels, that definitely kept me leveled and anabolic.

If you would have seen Kim (my wife) and me that night, you would have thought I

had the baby. I was so stressed and exhausted, my leg workouts are easy compare to that. Tell you what, now, I know why man don’t have the babies. We can’t take the pain!

Little Jake looks already a lot like me and has for his size already big hands and feet. Now I am a proud Dad and to see my wife turn from girl into woman makes me love her even more and of course I got the biggest gift in Life from her!

I’ll be back soon,


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